LED lighting solutions dedicated to the equine sector

The challenges of equine lighting

The professionals of the equine sector talk about it

« A lot of work has been done on the respiratory environment of the horse but the light aspect has for the moment been relatively neglected.

The PROXIMAL's is differentiating and original. It allowed to evaluate, for example through their first study, the effect of better lighting of a truck or horse-trailer for loading horses as well as the stress and well-being aspect that can be associated. »

Pr. Fabrice AUDIGIÉ

Director of CIRALE, Pr. E.N.V.A

« Light in buildings for animal welfare is very important. I want my horses to feel good before they get to the races or pre-workouts. Any stress attributed to the animal before a race is totally negative.

An equine lighting adapted to stables and buildings
parameter to which coaches can only be very sensitive. »


Manager and Stallion Manager of Haras de La Barbotière
(Calvados – France)

LED lighting solutions for the equine industry

PROXIMAL designs and sells LED lighting solutions dedicated to equestrian activities and infrastructures.

These lighting solutions improve the horse’s welfare, safety
and performances.

and outdoor living area

individual boxes, collective stables,…

and competition area

riding arenas, race tracks,…

The means of transport

horse-trailers, trucks, planes,…

and re-education areas

as veterinary clinics,…

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