LED lighting solutions dedicated to the equine sector

Proxi-ARENA : equestrian arena LED lighting

manège équestre

Key points

#1 Improvementof visual comfort
for the horse/rider couple

#2 Reducingdrop shadows

#3 Excellent colours renderingfor a better perception of obstacles, soil, ...

#4 Customizable luminous ambiancebased on usages: relaxation of the horse,
trainings, competitions

with equestrian federations standards


easy to install


power consumption savings

Customized solutions & assistance

The success of a lighting project for an equestrian
riding arena (renovation / construction) goes through a personalized
support (understanding needs, constraints, recommendations, ...).

PROXIMAL offers lighting services and solutions such as PROXI-ARENA suiting to the requirements
of equestrian centers, professional equestrian sports infrastructures (training centers, breeding, pensions,
stables of owners) and equestrian event organizations.


Linear concept with aesthetic design
offering perfect integration
within the architecture.

Proxi-ARENA-L datasheet

60 x 20 m arena 3D model

Dialux simulation 36 luminaires
(Average illuminance 386 lx - Uniformity 0.73)

A lighting study tailored to the needs of our customers (renovation, construction, compliance, ...) is done through accurate and detailed reports, 3D simulations, technical-economic assessments and recommendations according to the goals to reach.

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