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LED technology

PROXIMAL: Equine lighting - LED technology

The first industrial uses of the LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology started through signage
applications (illuminated signs) from the 1970s.
This technology has really spread in general lighting applications since the 2000s.

In a very simple way, the LED is a semiconductor on which one
applies an electrical voltage generating the emission of photons from
different wavelengths.

The result obtained gives a perception to the human eye of
a white lighting for white LEDs.


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LED technology makes it possible to design lighting sources, lighting fixtures

Smaller in size than conventional technologies
(high pressure sodium, metal halide, fluorescence, …)

Easier to work with optics
(better shape beams of light).

More robust from a mechanical and
sealing point of view.

More qualitative, can reproduce different types color
tones, color quality.

Longer life duration compared to conventional
lighting sources and almost non-existent maintenance.