Eclairage LED PROXIMAL : sports équestres

Equine lighting

PROXIMAL - Lighting of equestrian facilities (horse arenas, horse stables and boxes, horse-trailers, equine veterinary clinics)

The equestrian facilities are mostly equipped with
conventional lighting (fluorescence, discharge lamps, …) for which:

Technologies do not allow the sought flexibility
to adapt the lighting to the specificities of the horse’s vision
and its behaviour.

Power consumption and life duration (maintenance)
have a significant impact on the operating budget.


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LED lighting solutions

Indoor and outdoor living areas

individual boxes, collective stables, …

Work and competitions areas

riding arenas, race tracks, …

The means of transport

horse-trailers, trucks, planes, …

Care and re-education areas

such as veterinary clinics,…

The objectives

Improve their welfare

in rest areas to optimise their performance during the work phases in training, sports competitions and races

Optimal conditioning

before the effort to reduce the risk of accidents

Facilitate recovery

after the effort

Calm the horse

and facilitate boarding and transportation in trucks and horse-trailers

Optimise light exposure times

to limit seasonal depressive disorders during the winter

Limit winter coat thickness

requiring less maintenance

Improve eye contact

between horses and reduce boredom and behavioural problems

Optimise reproductive cycles

for the mares and fertility for stallions

Light in buildings for animal welfare is very important. A horse, by definition, is not used to live between 4 walls. Any stress attributed to the animal before a race is totally negative.

I want my horses to feel good before they get to the races or pre-workouts. The comfort aspect for the horses in the buildings and the boxes, thanks to adapted lighting, is a parameter to which the trainers can only be very sensitive.

Xavier Martin
Manager and Stallion Manager of Haras de La Barbotière (Calvados – France)