Grand Bray stables : lighting the stall boxes

New project achieved by : lighting horse stables and circulation aisles (Escanaffles – Belgium)

Stables for sport horse competitions located in Belgium (Province of Hainaut). The Stables of Grand Bray have invested in 2021-2022 in the construction of new equestrian facilities to offer the best working conditions and well-being, prerequisites to the sporting performance of horses in national and international competitions.

The lighting of this stable represented a double challenge:

  1. To integrate the lights discreetly and aesthetically: no lights visible above the boxes
  2. To optimize horses’ recovery periods

Hidden in the cornices, the luminaires via an indirect lighting principle, diffuse a white light bringing well-being and visual comfort.

During the recovery, night rest and night rounds periods, the lighting switches to PROXIMAL red light (spectrum not visible for horses). This light does not disturb the horses during their resting phase and enhances very efficiently the recovery essential to their performance and provides sufficient light for us humans during night rounds or returns from competitions.