Lighting equestrian facilities by PROXIMAL - HSMG Equitation

HSMG Équitation : Lighting indoor arena and stables

New project achieved by PROXIMAL: lighting the new equestrian arena 50 x 30 m and the stables 32 x 17 m (Aviernoz – France)

HSMG ÉQUITATION is a private jumping stable located in Haute-Savoie, near Annecy. Top caliber equestrian facilities built at the end of 2020 – beginning of 2021.

Gratefulness to the Ottaviani family (HSMG ÉQUITATION) an to Sonia Dufournet (Duret Services) for entrusting us with the lighting for their 50 x 30 m indoor arena.

Perfect integration of the luminaires on the supporting structure.

The illuminance level and the perfect uniformity of the lighting on the ground, offer an additional benefit and this lighting enhances these magnificient facilities!

Tailor-made equine lighting (15 stalls, grooming/shower areas and circulation aisle) particularly well designed to optimize the management and safety of the horses. Artificial lighting provides horse/human comfort, well-being and shared eye.

Constructor : LP Charpente