Kinesia Cirale : equine LED lighting by PROXIMAL

KINESIA – CIRALE : Equipped with PROXIMAL lighting

Recently inaugurated, KINESIA is a state-of-the-art, equine rehabilitation center equipped with PROXIMAL lighting throughout its facility: around the panoramic equine swimming pool, in the stabling, diagnostic, therapy areas and hallways. EnvA – Cirale (14 – Goustranville in France)

Thank you Normandie Equine Vallée, and their funding partners: Région Normandie, Département du Calvados, Fonds Eperon and Hippolia cluster, EnvA – Cirale for your confidence.

KINESIA center is a unique worldwide facility dedicated to horse rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Its panoramic swimming pool designed with and upper and underwater deck observation makes it possible to provide scientific feedback on the treated horses’ locomotion when swimming.

The lighting of the care and examination areas provides excellent visual comfort to ensure a perfect perception of the horse’s state of health (preparation phases, veterinary examinations, rehabilitation exercises).

Among KINESIA’S objective is researching different equine reconditioning methods. They offer an innovative rehabilitation platform with various therapy treatments.
For example, the stalls are equipped with PROXIMAL intelligent LED lighting that can monitor the different affects of light on a horse’s health and well-being for research.

Click on this video to learn more about KINESIA

Main contracting: Claude Penloup (Architect) – IGC (Engineering office)

Contracting authorityNormandie Equine ValléeEnvA

Installer: Vigourt Électricité

PROXIMAL partners for this project (August 2020)